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The "webConfigurator" - pfSense basic setup part 2 Note: The following is a continuation of the How to Install pfSense posting. 1. Using your favorite browser, connect to you newly installed pfSense firewall via the LAN interface IP Address. How to Connect an Access Point to pfSense | Hacker Noon PfSense is an open source firewall solution that can be used at home, at school or in a company (see our install guide with hardware recommendations). In most cases you don’t want to connect clients exclusively via network cable, but also wirelessly. The easiest way is to connect a WLAN access point to the firewall that takes care of the wireless devices (e.g. smartphones). Install and Configure pfSense in Your Home Network Now, connect to the LAN interface, fire up your web browser, and navigate to IPv4 address you assign to the LAN interface to access the pfSense webConfigurator. The webConfigurator login is password protected – the default login is admin and the password is pfsense. The first time you login to a new installation of pfSense, you ne greeted

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